1-Hero Sports video

This web video for the 1 Hero home page was produced by APM. We also co-wrote the script with the Client. Storyboard and video also by APM. Post-production by Rob Reilly (Cinemook.)

Pellergy TV Spot

This spot for Pellergy Wood Pellet Central Heating Systems was produced by APM, who also co-wrote the script with Rusty Dewees (The Logger.) The VO is also by Rusty. Video and post-production by WCAX.

Building a Cogent Argument

This web video exemplifies the use of video to introduce complex technologies. This kind of video works best with products or services where the Path to Purchase relies on a well-informed audience.

Instructional Video

This video was created for the client as part of APM’s standard training and support package for Content Management website. It is an instructional video that explains how to properly size a photo using a free, open-source, web-based image editor.

Video for Social Media

This video’s low-tech production values are intended to give it an accessible, home-made flavor. Here are the stats for two days we boosted this post on Facebook:
– 30,000 people reached (meaningless)
– 72 Likes (next to meaningless)
– 11 Comments (useful for engaging a few specific consumers)
– 94 Shares. This is the big, meaningful prize… Shares say “Look at this great thing I found, it is so remarkable that I must Share it with you!” Research shows that people seek to increase their social capital by appearing insightful and altruistic.