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Testimonial from eMagazine Publisher

August 24, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Jeff Rubin and his company, APM Advertising.  In the five years that we have been mutually engaged in the publication and project branding business, Jeff has been an invaluable ally and resource. Whether the focus has been on print publication layout and design, for which we together received national award recognition from FOLIO:Magazine; or on Web-based projects, where the ‘look and feel’ of a site is an essential part of market positioning, Jeff has served an essential role.

As publisher and managing editor of an internationally-recognized fine arts publication, in a very crowded virtual marketplace, Jeff has offered technical support, guidance and direction on layout, site optimization strategies and overall appearance, to meet my exacting standards.  But, Jeff’s support goes beyond mere design and implementation, incorporating a hard-to-define sensibility which is rare in the Web design field.  His sensitivity to the artistic and aesthetic aspect of messaging and branding, in the case of ARTES, for example, has attracted thousands of additional readers and dozens of new writers to the site, based on its overall presentation and quality.  Jeff and APM were responsible for developing that on line presentation, and for providing on-going guidance when questions arise.

I would unconditionally recommend Jeff Rubin and APM Advertising for any project where brand development and visual messaging through text and images is essential to attracting customers and readers to an on-line site, or where printed materials are being created toward that same end.


Richard J. Friswell

Publisher & Managing Editor

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This testimonial particularly struck me not for its appreciation of aesthetic design or pleasant working relationship, but because it illustrates that planning clear goals and a sensible strategy leads to measurable success! The assignment for this client (PELLERGY, LLC) was twofold: a) introduce this new industry to consumers, and b) expand Pellergy’s network of certified installers among industry professionals. The email below came to me from Pellergy’s CEO and has his Industry Professional customer’s email forwarded at the end.


From:     Andrew Boutin
Subject:     Fwd: New Website
Date:     September 3, 2010 10:47:40 AM EDT
To:     Jeff Rubin


As I mentioned earlier, I have been getting great (unsolicited) feedback on the new web sites.  A few suggestions too, which means people are really reading the sites.

Attached below is an e-mail from a group in New Hampshire that I have been trying to connect with for the past 14 months!!  For the last 6-months I have placed phone calls, sent e-mail, snail mail with brochures and letters, I even stopped by their offices to show them a system.  All to no avail.

Based on the e-mail I sent yesterday announcing the new sites, the General Manager of the business sent me the note below.  Jesse E. Lyman, Inc. is a Maine Energy Systems dealer and owns and operates a bulk pellet delivery truck.  They are just the kind of company we want representing Pellergy and installing our systems.

I think this is a great testament to the professional look of the sites and hopefully a sign of the business to come!

Thanks Jeff.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Peter D
Date: Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 10:00 AM
Subject: New Website
To: Andrew Boutin


We are long-overdue in catching-up with you to see your equipment.  We have recently launched a new division in our company that has taken an enormous amount of time resources.  Now that we are up and running with that, it is time to turn our attention to other sales processes as fall approaches.

Pellets have been slow this summer – even with the NH grant for central systems.  Money remains tight, most customers have been enjoying a warm summer and the prevailing ethic with regards to heating equipment needs has been a shift back to fixing the junk rather than replacing it.  Despite this, we believe that there is pent-up demand for heating products that has started to emerge.

We would be interested in seeing your products.  Should we try to hook-up here for a training session at some point?  Also, if there is opportunity for an open house or a county fair to attend, do you make your wares available in a trailer/expo showcase form for such venues?

Drop me a line when you get a chance.  Love the websites, too!

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