When Jeff Rubin incorporated APM ADVERTISING, INC., in 1987, essentially he had already been running a boutique ad agency for several years. Catering to a niche market of fashion clients, APPAREL PROMOTION MANAGEMENT (APM) grew organically from Rubin’s family roots in New York City’s Garment District. Since those beginning days of running fashion shoots, placing ads, and creating all types of catalogs, the emphasis has always been on the professional “nuts and bolts” management of promotional materials.

At APM, marketing and communications was always a natural topic of interest, study and debate. The study of psychology and human nature, and their effect on consumer behavior continues to fascinate with new advances in brain scans and eye-tracking technologies.  When website development became an integral part of marketing during the mid 1990s, Rubin’s communication skills served as the reliable foundation for a new segment of business. “Clients see their business from ‘inside’ to ‘out'” states Rubin. “It is my job to help them get a clear picture of how their business (website) is experienced by others — ‘from the outside in.'”

As a collector of art, photography and graphic design, Rubin has always found creative outlet in the commercial design stage of a marketing project. “It is also the most enjoyable part for the client. That’s one of the reasons we cultivate their participation,” says Rubin. “The work displayed on this website is intended to illustrate that value.”

Over the years, in addition to APM’s clients, Rubin has also found a home in a few, select outside companies. In 1982 he served as the assistant to the president of GREAT SCOTT ADVERTISING INC. in NYC, and in 1992 he was hired as Creative Director for SCOTT, KENNEY AND PARTNERS, INC., in Southport, CT. Both agencies had a Real Estate clientele that included Trump, Zeckendorf, and Avalon.  In 2007/8 Rubin served as interim Creative Director for THE MODERN ESTATE, a consumer, shelter magazine.  Some of that work is displayed in the editorial section.