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The Farmhouse Cafe & Catering Co.

Early in the process, we established with the client the importance of non-verbal communication.  We needed make the visitors’ mouth water in order to hold their attention, and highlight a call to action.  The next communications goal was to create a brand that was confident and professional, while at the same time displaying a friendly, accessible personality.  The easy navigation integrates seamlessly with an awesome Flickr photo gallery, and social networking.

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Private Club Community

FRSC This site is all about getting time-sensitive information out to the constituency in an easy, intuitive format. New additions to Wordress make the site look and function on a phone or tablet thus avoiding the additional work and cost of developing an app. That’s important with a sport that is driven by weather conditions. The site can also be updated from the field right from the director’s smart phone.

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Twinfield School

In this school the teachers have the flexibility to create their own online classroom pages with whatever tools work.  We made it easier to find it all with an intuitive Teacher Pages index .  Kids and parents can get right to the Google Docs, Moodles, contact information, and all the other online classroom resources.

Also, the monthly, snail-mail newsletter has been replaced with the School News Blog so contributors can post new articles at any time.  Approved contributors can add or change announcements, events, or news items on-the-fly with the WordPress ap for smart-phones.  Cool.

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Heating Contractor

tomblyThe business goal with this site is to “make the phone ring.”  We improve local search by blogging about local jobs…  We highlight the clients innovative, green energy approach…  We detail the full list of services… But mostly, when things aren’t working and you’re ready to hit the panic button we make it easy to call and get help!  We make it easy for the client to keep posting about their latest gig with WordPress.  How?  With on-site training, and easy-to-follow videos made just for them.

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Womens Swimwear by Body Type

F4UThis online catalog for figure-specific womens swimwear needs updating every year so we made it easy with WordPress.  The secret is finding the right plug-in.  For women, it’s all about finding the right suit.  Visible from the COLLECTIONS pages thumbnails have a enlarged rollover function and “on click” the full size image is displayed in a lightbox.  Annual updates are a snap because all the images and descriptive text reside on the client’s flickr account instead of the WordPress database.  That makes it easy and inexpensive for the client to make their own changes.

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Middlebury College Ski Team

This update of a web 1.0 site (picture below) is designed around two communications imperatives: a) one site which integrates two equally-balanced blogs (alpine and nordic), and b) highlights ever-changing, last-minute, schedule updates.  The “Schedule Update” crawl is easy for the coaches to edit, on-the-fly from their iPhone or iPad (Sweet!).  The client was interested in a large, scaling background image that communicates the intensity of the brand.  The slightly grungy design is targeted to the high school and college age group.  This update of their earlier site employs improved user experience and logical navigation.

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Middlebury High School

First we met with MUHS stakeholders to learn about their currently-in-use web technologies, and to promote stake-holder buy-in.  Together we established a logic flow that integrated the existing classroom pages (Google Docs) under a WordPress umbrella.  We consulted with decission-makers to explore the alternative ways to integrate Google Docs.  This lead to a logic map and navigation scheme that organizes and balances the contributor’s interests together with an intuitive user experience.

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Cabot School

For school websites, the logic flow is targeted on easy communication.  “It is all about the calendar, announcements, and events.” stated the principal.  “We want the website to be the go-to place for up-to-date information.”  The Events Module in the right hand column auto-updates whenever there is a change to any of the schools Google Calendars.  The Announcement Module works on an “accordion” system—click it and it expands, so you don’t have to leave the page. (more…)

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Wood Pellet Solutions

Consulted with company owner to identify marketing goals—consumer introduction of a new industry which replaces oil and gas with environmentally responsible and less expensive wood pellets for home heating.  Developed specific marketing and communications strategies for the website relative to advertising, social networking, direct mail, and signage.  Sourced and contracted subs including creative, programming/coding, public relations, and copywriting.  Art directed website layout, design, graphics, typography, and photography.  Other responsibilities include: estimating, contracts, timeline, and managing the production process.

This is a WordPress, Open Source, Content Management site.  Support includes training and instructional videos.

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U-32 Public School

Consulted with the school principal, department heads and other major stakeholders to identify primary communication goals—a very functional communications portal for student, teachers, parents and administrators.  Developed specific proprietary modules for Announcements, Events, Quick-links and integrated pre-packaged solutions for News, Calendars, and Photo Feed.  Coordinated a team of  partners and contractors including, account exec,  programmers, and support staff.  Produced a set of instructiona videos.  Art directed website layout, design, graphics, typography, and photography.  Other responsibilities include: estimating, contracts, timeline, and managing the production process.

This is a Joomla, Open Source, Content Management site.  Support includes training and instructional videos.

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